Making a Difference!

Chizuk Now directly supports families to strengthen the Jewish presence in Judea and Samaria. Watch the video to understand why it is important to donate to Chizuk Now.

Who We Are

Chizuk now is not an organization in the traditional sense. There are no annual dinners and virtually no overhead costs. Contributions to Chizuk Now are made through the Central Fund of Israel, which takes no money out. That’s why even a $1,000 contribution to Chizuk Now can make a huge impact on the lives of the people living in the communities of Judea and Samaria. Chizuk Now is the only body which works directly with the Mayors, Vatikim (older veterans of the Yishuv) and especially Social Workers, to identify what the real needs of the Yishuvim are... so that every dollar can be targeting to make the greatest difference possible in strengthening the Yishuvim and the families which live in them.

What We Do

Chizuk Now provides Chizuk (moral and financial support) to the yeshivum, and the families that live there, with aid going directly to the deserving people that need the help the most. How does Chizuk Now know about a divorced woman who has 3 children and holds two jobs but needs money to cover her day care costs to make her ends meet? How does Chizuk Now know about the elderly not having emergency callers? Chizuk Now knows about these and many other cases by being in touch with the social workers and other key people on the yishuvim to know where money is needed to help keep people and families on the yishuv and to help keep the spirit of the Yishuv high. See the list of our accomplishments here.

Get Involved

The Jews living in Judea and Samaria are helping all of the Jewish people by living there. The least we can do is support them to help keep their spirits high, knowing that many in Am Yisrael are behind them. Getting involved can be distributing Chizuk Now flyers in your synagogue or community, inviting the Acting Director of Chizuk Now to speak in your community or sending an email to your friends and family with information about Chizuk Now